John 20 | Day 89 | 5-17-19


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    Marie Burns says:

    Great devotion and great challenge, Heather……thank you!

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    Terri says:

    Chills! What a powerful message Heather! Thanks for sharing this story in scripture and how we can apply it in our lives! I have seen the Lord!

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    John Myers says:

    Thank you heather your teachings about this chapter and that calm unique way that you speak to us is moving and we listen with our hearts and our soul because that you pull out of this chapter that helps us with our walk to be closer to our Savior Jesus and to listen to enjoy to help others like everyone who has helped us grow during this 90-day challenge is been inspiring heartfelt most of all a blessing thank you all God bless

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    Carole says:

    Thank you Heather! Great delivery as always. I must get to it!

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