Luke 8 | Day 53 | 4-11-19


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    Leslie Fuller says

    Thank you, thank you! Great message, Pastor Daryl!

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    Lora says

    Why did Jesus say to the man that He healed from demons stay here and tell everyone what God has done for you and the girl He raised from the dead, He told them not to tell anyone what happened?

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    John says

    Pastor Daryl some very meaningful words words that Inspire my heart to keep my focus on growing learning listening and sharing and I believe that’s what sunrise and all of my brothers and sisters have helped me with my faith and my love or our savior Jesus Christ thank you for your leadership and your blessings Amen brother

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    Terri says

    I want to be on the awesome side of the lake with my arms up worshipping, cheering and welcoming Jesus! Love the message Pastor D! Thank you!

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