Luke 7 | Day 52 | 4-10-19


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    Julie Knauer says:

    Powerful Holy Spirit annointed message ! All of our answers to every problem / situation is in His word His Word is TRUTH ! I needed this today Thanks 🙏

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      Michael Brewer says:

      Praise the Lord Julie!! Blessings

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    Terri says:

    Pastor Michael Brewer! Such a great message simple, encouraging, reviving and a message from God himself! “By the stripes on His back”…..gives me chills in so many ways! Thank you!

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      Michael Brewer says:

      Amen Terri!!! Thank God that it pleased him to crush Jesus on our behalf!

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    Suzanne Cahall says:

    Thank you, Pastor! As I was reading about the centurion today I said to God, “I am going to stop being wishy-washy in my prayers. I am going to believe you for my healing just like the centurion did for his servant.” I have always believed God can do anything, but I usually don’t expect Him to do it for me. I am done with that kind of thinking!

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      Michael Brewer says:

      Suzanne I am believing with you for your healing!

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    Michael Brewer says:

    Michael awesome word of faith out of your spirit today, your in a good place my son continue to fight the good fight of faith a fight always worth fighting for. I love you! Dad.

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    John says:

    Pastor Mike your words are as sharp as a sword which penetrates my heart and helps it understand this chapter more clearly thank you God bless you

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