Matthew 8 | Day 8 | 2-25-19

Matthew 8| Day 8 | 2-25-19 | Pastor Keith Hammer | 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge

Listen to Joel’s Devotion for Matthew 8


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    Lorie says:

    I love this 90 day challenge
    Thank you for making it possible

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    Bruce & Michele says:

    Pastor Keith. Great video. It helped explain some of the passages and what they meant. We liked what you said you can’t have fear with faith.

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    Terri says:

    Faith over fear! Thanks Pastor Keith!

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    Misty Wade says:

    Thank you, Pastor Keith, for such a clear challenge brought out of this chapter. Fear is one of the strongholds of the enemy for me. Keeping my eyes on Jesus as LORD overcomes that fear. God bless you for your encouragement out of His word.

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    Timothy Robinson says:

    Amen! Good word. Faith over Fear “They cannot exist together…we always need to look at his as Lord of all!” exactly. Appreciate you brother

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    Mark says:

    Great devotional!

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    Julie Knauer says:

    Living Bible vs 13 “ Go on home . What you have believed has happened!” Said Jesus. Lord help me have the faith of the Roman officer ,to see you as Lord over all and walk by faith in your power and not by sight ! Thank you Pastor Keith what a wonderful teacher you are !

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    John Myers says:

    Thank you Pastor Keith Your Wisdom and words helped me even more to mediate on this chapter

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