Matthew 6 | Day 6 | 2-23-19

Matthew 6| Day 6 | 2-23-19 | Joel Campbell | 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge

Listen to Joel’s Devotion for Matthew 6


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    Thelma Douglas says:

    The 90 Day challenge is blessing me so far. Each day I look forward to hearing a Word that encourages and uplifts. As I finish each daily devotion, I eagerly await to hear the next one.

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    Jenn says:

    I needed this one today!! Sometimes we need a little reminder on forgiveness!! Great devotion this morning!! Keep them coming!!

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    Terri says:

    I love this chapter! I reference it often! It should gives us such peace knowing Jesus gives us such amazing promises!

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    John Myers says:

    Moving are these word we must live by for with his grace we are strong

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    Suzanne Cahall says:

    It is a vital reminder to me “do not worry about your life…! One of my life verses as well is Matthew 6:33. God always provides.

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