Matthew 4 | Day 4 | 2-21-19

Matthew 4| Day4 | 2-21-19 | Pastor Nathan Deisem | 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge

Listen to Pastor Nathan’s Devotion for Matthew 4


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    Marlene says

    TY, I know that even in my weakest state when I go to God and His word i have what i need to stand up under the greatest temptation. The enemy is here to take us out, but God gives us His way to life now and forever.

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    Jenn says

    Awesome devotion this morning!! One of my favorite reads!!

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    Terri says

    Love when scripture is so unpacked that the references, the points and the messages couldn’t be any more clear! Thanks Pastor Nate!

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    Nikki says

    Good morning. Ive read Mathew twice and i always find new understanding each time. Always finding something i missed the last time i read it.

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    Juli Knauer says

    Great sermon Pastor Nathan ! Living Bible Matt.4:4 But Jesus told him “ No! For the scriptures tell us that bread will not feed men’s souls : obedience to every word ofGod is what we need.

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    Bryan says

    Thank you Nate for reminding me of the importance of using Gods word to overcome temptation!

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    Mike says

    Wow- stepped it up with graphics and supporting verses. Great job Pastor.

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    Mike says

    Great job Pastor Nate

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