Matthew 1 | Day 1 | 2-18-19

Matthew 1 | Day 1 | 2-18-19 | Pastor Daryl McCready | 90 Day Gospel Reading Challenge

Listen to Pastor Daryl’s Devotion for Matthew 1


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    Mary Lou says:

    Great start to what promises to be a meaningful journey through the Gospels!

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    Connie says:

    What a wonderful idea!
    Thank You God,
    I’m with ya SonRise family 🤗❤️

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    Beth Easton says:

    Just finished day one of the challenge and it was awesome. This is a wonderful way to study the life of Jesus especially leading up to Easter. The staff at SonRise is amazing, I know that this project alone was huge. Just wanted to tell you all thanks.

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    Phil & Marcia says:

    Thank you to the entire team for making this happen. The fruit will be enormous.

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    Brandon O. says:

    I was thinking in terms of songwriting this would be a somewhat hookless start while I read these names but pastor D really brings it around and into focus and it’s an inspiring message of hope. I feel privileged to be a tiny part of God’s plan and am excited about the 90 day challenge!

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    Kiesa Smith says:

    Im here to listen and am so GRATEFUL

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    Julie Knauer says:

    Jesus ( meaning Savior )
    Immanuel ( meaning God with us )
    Thank you Jesus for always being with me ❤

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    Scott Russell says:

    This next 90 days will be life changing!!

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    Angie Lantz says:

    I did read many names and told myself I would never remember them and why should I. Thank you because you explain why and how we fit in.

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    Simone Aguiar says:

    I am excited about the 90-day challenge

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    John myers says:

    This is going to be a great journey

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    Gail says:

    Thank you pastor Darly I enjoyed this knowledge of the word of god and his plan with the fourteen generations as he has an plan for the Sonrise family god bless

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    tena clements says:

    Thank you for explaining the chapter. I was a little confused with all the names. And the plans God has for me, over the last couple weeks I witnessed his plans. I Praise God for being there for me.

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