Our mission is as a church is “Living Our Lives So Others Meet Jesus.”  We do not ever want to be people who repel anyone from Christ but rather the kind of people who by our actions, our love, and our faith, draw people to Jesus.  Ultimately it is our desire to “Connect” people to Jesus, help them “Grow” to be more like Jesus, and to teach them to “Share” their faith in Jesus with others.  Connect – Grow – Share

In order to accomplish this mission and maintain unity, it is essential to agree upon what specific characteristics make us unique in our calling from the Lord as the body of Christ known as SonRise Church.  These characteristics must be the shaping force and identifying the strength of every multisite of SonRise Church.  It is the mission and purpose of every Campus Pastor to guard and develop these aspects of ministry as the framework for their campus as part of SonRise Church.

  • Dual Mission focus of evangelism and discipleship:  The Great Commission clearly charges the church to both make disciples and them teach them to obey.  SonRise Church believes both of these ministry focuses are essential to a healthy church.
  • Intentional community engagement:  All campuses should seek to serve and share generously with the communities in which we are planted.  We do this through a three-prong focus: schools, government, and other churches.  Our desire is to connect with, serve, and share generously with the community because we believe God calls us to live openhanded for His Glory. We do this as a practical expression of “Living our lives so others meet Jesus.”
  • Friendly and Welcoming environment:  SonRise is a church that values an exceptionally friendly and welcoming environment for all attendees and guests, regardless of their religious, ethnic, social, or economic backgrounds.  All are welcome at our church and we are passionate about communicating that to everyone who comes.
  • Excellent and Inspirational Worship: The music and every aspect of the worship experience is to be done with excellence and authenticity, targeted at drawing those present into an intimate time of prayer and worship with the Living God.
  • Bible centered Preaching and Teaching:  SonRise is a church that values relevant, engaging, applicable, Bible-centered preaching and teaching.  Using creative processes of development, we seek to apply the timeless principles and truths of God’s Word to the everyday application of life so that we may experience the abundant life God desires.

Café Style Worship Environments: Although SonRise values café style worship environments, and believe that Café style worship environments are the most effective environments for a more relaxed, unchurched friendly, family-oriented experience.  We also believe that the mission of reaching the lost and making disciples is the primary mission of the church.  Therefore when necessary we also allow other worship style environments as long as the other values are present.