Welcome to Sonrise Church, our goal is to prayerfully seek to develop all aspects of our ministry according to the holy scripture, which we recognize as our only source of authority.

Here at SonRise, we are striving to live our lives so others meet Jesus. This may look a little differently for each one of us, but ultimately we want to live lives that honor God and draw people to him. Take a look at our Core Values and you will see what truly drives us. We actively partner with other churches and organizations in our community to make it a better place to live. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and maintain partnerships with churches in the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware. We believe that none of us are perfect, but in spite of that, God loves all of us and wants more for our lives. This is why we proclaim and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, the Holy Spirit as our teacher, and the Father as our Source. We acknowledge that the Word of God is the infallible guide to all matters of faith, discipline, and practice.

Core Values


We do anything short of sin to connect people to Jesus.


Worship is why we exist. We refuse to insult God by only worshipping on Sunday morning.


We love each other like Jesus loves us.


Every site, every ministry, every servant multiplies.


We live like Jesus and we make disciples who make disciples who make disciples....


If God’s word says it, we believe it & obey it.


We passionately seek God in prayer because prayer changes everything.

Open Hand

We believe God’s blesses us to bless others.

Kingdom Cooperation

We can accomplish infinitely more for God’s kingdom by working together.

History of SonRise Church Salisbury

Multisite Church, we are One Church with many Locations. Our Campus launched on 10/12/2014. We desire to have more of us, reaching more people in more places. We believe God has called us to Salisbury to be a light in the community, to serve the community and to help the community. Whether that is partnering with the local schools for several various functions, bringing food to less fortunate neighborhoods or even throwing block parties right at James M. Bennet, we love to serve! !

Here at SonRise we exist to live our lives so others meet Jesus by helping people CONNECT with Jesus, GROW to be more like Jesus and SHARE our hope in Jesus with others.!