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Shoes & Trees for Guatemala

Total Village Transformation in San Felipe

SonRise Church has adopted the village of San Felipe, Guatemala for a Total Village Transformation. Over the last few years we have worked on tons of projects to better the lives of the people who live there, in both spiritual and practical ways. We share the Gospel and train church leaders. We have brought a well and clean water to the village. We built a church. We are building chicken coops so they can have eggs to eat and sell. It's all about making a difference in a village in need.

Now, we are looking at our next project. Shoes and Trees. What could shoes and trees do for a village? Well, let me tell you. There are over 150 Orphans in the orphanage that need shoes, so we are planning to raise funds to get every single child a new pair of shoes. Shoes are something that we really take for granted here in the United States, but being able to put shoes on these kid's feet means health and safety. They prefect cuts and infections, it is life altering.  Now trees, those provide sustainable food for the village, food to eat and sell. We aren't looking to just provide handouts to this village, but provide a way for these people to support themselves and make a living. That is how you transform a village.

Want to help? Make a donation below!

$25 dollars will provide a pair of shoes or a fruit tree. What could you give up for a week to make a long lasting impact on someone in San Felipe...

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