SonRise Covid-19 Update

SonRise, will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.

Please contact the office if you have any concerns or immediate needs 410-629-1901

Email for Berlin Campus - brenda@sonrise.cc

Email for Salisbury Campus - brianalynch@sonrise.cc

Read below for detailed updates, and check back for changes

  • All of our services are now being streamed live on Facebook 9:00am for Salisbury campus and 10:30am for Berlin, and will be posted below after. Follow Berlin Facebook, Follow Salisbury Facebook
  • All on campus activities (lifegroups, youth, meetings, services etc.) have been suspended until further notice)
  • We are asking that all Lifegroups move to a online meeting format, please contact the office if you need help making that transition
  • We have several options so you can continue to faithfully give right HERE


3-19-20 Berlin Campus – Devotion & Prayer with Pastor Daryl & Traci

Welcome to Prayer and Devotion with Pastor Daryl and Traci. We want to hear your questions and prayer needs.Remember you can keep up with everything on our websitesonrise.ccand you can continue your faithful giving as wellsonrise.cc/give

Posted by SonRise Church - Berlin Campus on Thursday, March 19, 2020

3-19-20 Salisbury Campus – Devotion & Prayer with Pastor Mark Thomas & Shannon

Posted by SonRise Church - Salisbury Campus on Thursday, March 19, 2020

3-17-20 Salisbury Campus – Devotion & Prayer with Pastor Mark Thomas

Posted by SonRise Church - Salisbury Campus on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

3-17-20 Berlin Campus – Devotion & Prayer with Pastor Carl & Shanon Moyer

Posted by SonRise Church - Berlin Campus on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

3-16-20 Berlin Campus Update- What’s happening this week

Hey SonRise! We are making effort to stay connected in everyway possible, so check out our latested update, and stay tuned for messages and content throughout the week.

Posted by SonRise Church - Berlin Campus on Monday, March 16, 2020

3-13-20 Evening Events Update

Good evening SonRise,

We just wanted to list a few update that we have for upcoming events and meetings for the coming week.


  1. We will not meet together for Sunday services, because of the large group gather restrictions put in effect by Governor Hogan, HOWEVER we will still have online service streaming Sunday at 10:30am.
  2. Our offices will be open during the week Mon-Thursday from 9am-4pm.
  3. We are still unsure of how long the restrictions will be in place, but we are doing a deep clean/sanitizing of our Berlin facilities next week (in addition to our regular cleaning) in order to prepare to reopen for meetings and services.
  4. The following adjustments have been made to allow for a through cleaning at the Berlin Campus
    1. Saturday Morning Women's bible study will not meet this week (3/14)
    2. Saturday (3/14) The Daddy/Daughter dance has been cancelled, we will make a decision to reschedule/refund soon.
    3. Sunday Services will be ONLINE only, we will not meet corporately, we invite you to participate from home with family and friends
    4. Tuesday Morning Women's bible study will not meet this week (3/17)
    5. Wednesday Anchor Youth will not meet this week (3/18)
    6. Wednesday Grief Share Meeting will not meet at the office this week (3/18)
    7. Wednesday Celebrate Recovery will not meet at the office (3/18)
    8. All life groups that meet at the Berlin campus will either not meet, or meet elsewhere.
  5. We are leaving it up the discretion of Lifegroup leaders if they choose to meet this week in their homes.

As the week progresses, and we assess what is happening, and what we are being advised to do. We will continue to keep everyone in the loop, read the previous posts to learn more.

Thanks SonRise!

3-13-20 Update from Pastor Daryl

Hello SonRise,
 As many of you have heard I and our leadership made the painful decision yesterday to cancel our public worship gatherings for this coming weekend Sunday March 15th. Though some may not agree or understand why the President and our Governor are taking such drastic and unprecedented measures, we should consider a few things. First, we do not have access to the intel or global information sources that they have.  Second, when the measures being taken are protective in nature we must stop being suspect. Romans 13:1 states “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.”
    As leaders who feel a sense of responsibility for the people God has placed in our church and have a desire to protect and prevent any harm from befalling them, we made the decision to submit to our Governor’s ban on any gatherings over 250.  As previously announced, we will offer a live stream service at 10:30 for worship, prayer, and encouragement.  You will be able to participate in your home or you might consider gathering with family or your life Group to worship together if you choose. This is the time for God’s people to walk by faith and to be a people of joy and peace. Our hope, our security, our protection comes from God. Therefore we have nothing to fear. It is important that we do a few things during this time.
  1.  Remain connected to one another through Life Group or Small group networks.  Care for and look out for one another.  The decision to Meet in your homes for life group is your decision. However we must remain connected.
  2. Remain in God’s Word as it reminds us of our source of Hope and Promise. Our current series is called Corrective Lenses. We are taking about the need to have God’s help to rightly see and understand how to navigate this life in accordance with God’s will. One of those ways is certainly God’s Word.
  3. Remain faithful to give God your worship through praise and prayer.  We need to be devoted to praising our God even in times like this and we should be lifting our community up in prayer as well as all who have been or may be affected by this virus.
  4. We must also continue to worship God through our tithes and offerings. Even though we aren't having a public worship service this Sunday, we continue to be the Church, and continue our work in or community. Beyond our normal activities, we are also moving to meet new needs that are arising with the school closings. (We will update you will opportunities to serve as we know more) In the absence of a Sunday service you can continue your giving electronically through our app, website, or you can bring your tithes by the office Monday through Thursday from 9-4.  The church needs the people God has called to be the body to remain faithful so that the church does not have to make even more painful decisions to manage this challenge.
  5. Share with others around you. Now is not the time to hoard or stockpile, but a time to live openhanded because we know God is our source. It is a time to love our neighbors and be generous to them as we seek to shine brightly in our communities. Our food ministries are prepared and will be looking to minister to anyone in need.  They have already begun and are in the process of making plans to distribute food in our community.
We will continually assess the status of this health threat and how we can best help and best protect and serve one another and our community.  Thanks for being the people of God.  You all are in my prayers.
Sincerely Yours, Eternally His,
Pastor Daryl


  1. Reply
    Vivian Cooke says:

    Thank you for being responsible and taking precautions. May you remain strong, healthy and united through faith during these times of trouble. I have increased my daily prayer and focus my meditation on versus like Jeremiah33:6

  2. Reply
    Marlene Wiedmann says:

    Looking forward to our worship service this morning! Preparing my tithe to give electronically, as if I were sitting in the sanctuary. Praying for all of us to weather this well, giving God all the glory. Let’s continue to reach out to one another and the neighbors in our own community! Love you all! God has got this and we his people.
    I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121 :1~2

  3. Reply
    john j myers says:

    Thank you Pastor D For Your Message Love You Brother

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