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WSRC News 03-21-20

WSRC News 03-21-2020

This week at SonRise - Berlin Campus



There is one thing we know for sure - things change by the minute sometimes during this coronavirus episode!  We will do everything we can to keep you updated about all things SonRise.  Watch this link for information you need to know about services, meetings, methods of communication, ways to help, and more.


In keeping with the Governor's directives, all classes, groups, meetings, and scheduled to be held at SonRise and in homes have been suspended.  If your group wants to continue meeting (and we encourage this), it will need to be done virtually.  If you have any questions about how to do a virtual meeting, please call the office at 410-629-1901 during office hours or contact  We will be happy to help you get connected!

As you know, Sunday Services will be offered via live feed.  You will be able to see the live feed on our Facebook page (SonRise Church-Berlin) or the website (  The feeds will also be recorded and available on both sites at later times.

In addition to the Sunday services, Karen and Heather have prepared children's lessons.  The next one will be available Sunday at noon.  Pastor Ethan will be communicating with Anchor students on Monday and Wednesday evenings through Instagram.  Throughout the week you will see various staff members go live to offer an encouraging word, prayer, or announcements.  There will also be live devotions offered twice a week:  Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 p.m.  Be sure to watch as staff members share a devotion and announcements.  You will be able to make prayer requests and other needs known during these times, but please don't feel you need to wait for those times to communicate with the staff.  Staff members will be answering phones during office hours (Monday-Thursday, 9-4) and you can email us as well (

Food Donations/Distribution

SonRise Church has been designated as a community food collection location.  If you would like to donate non-perishables, please do so Monday-Thursday from 10-3:30 at the Share the Harvest truck parked in front of the Worship Warehouse building.  If you need food, it is being distributed daily from 1-2 at Henry Park in Berlin, or SonRise attenders may contact us directly if you have a need.

We are the church!

God has blessed us with an amazing facility and work has been continuing to make it even better BUT...the building is not the church.  WE, the people are the church!  As the church, it is our responsibility and our pleasure to serve God in any way we can during this challenging time.  Make phone calls, send texts, find a way to stay in touch with those you know.  If you suspect someone is in need, whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically, reach out to them.  Let us know if you are aware of any needs.  Please don't assume we know - be sure we know!  Communication is vital and we now have the opportunity to demonstrate God's love and grace, even though that demonstration needs to take on different forms for now.

It is also our responsibility to be sure the church is able to continue to serve.  Remember to continue giving through one of the many methods available.

SonRise - you are amazing and you are loved!

Women- Going Beyond Simulcast with Priscilla Shirer on Saturday, April 25!   This event currently on hold.  Stay tuned.....






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